VM iSCSI on Host

Here is the network config for my TrueNAS host for the iSCSI portal:

vlan5 (
iSCSI Portal

The VM is Ubuntu 22.04 BTW.

The VM has 2 NICs, one of which I need on vlan5 so that I can access the iSCSI Portal on the host the VM is running on. VM is running on the TrueNAS Scale host. I would like to use the same parent interface as vlan5 does, the enp12s0f0np0 since that is a 10Gb NIC. This means the VM needs to also be on the vlan5 ( network, and the switch interface is a trunk and has a couple of VLANs.

So right now, I have a second NIC in the VM set to use the vlan5 interface and I can ping other things on the network but I cannot ping the portal on the host itself. This makes me think I need sometype of bridge or something, but I can’t fathom how to set that up on TrueNAS because when I try to setup a bridge it won’t let me set an IP on the network, which I believe it needs an IP to have the L3 connectivity that is needed.

What’s weird is the primary interface of the VM is connected to a VLAN interface (vlan30 that is also a sub interface of enp12s0f0np0 but I can ping and mount a NFS share from the same TrueNAS host, the difference being the TrueNAS share is delivered through a different interface, eno1, so because it has to go to the physical switch is that why it works?

I’m really at a loss on how to get this working. Here’s the relevant Interfaces.