VM Ubuntu install keyboard unresponsive in SPICE?

Hi, trying to install Ubuntu server 24.04 in a VM. During installation, when I get to the screen to configure the keyboard, the UI becomes unresponsive to key presses. It autoselects US keyboard, but every key stops working as soon as I hit this screen, and I can’t progress thru the installation any further. I’ve built the VM and blown it away, and tried again. I’ve tried this on Firefox and Chrome.

I’m stuck, I’ve tried nothing, and I’m all out of ideas :slight_smile: Any help greatly appreciated.

What version of TrueNAS are you running and please provide hardware specs and any other details. Do not let us assume anything and you will receive a faster and more accurate response. What does “every key stops working” mean? In the VM or on TrueNAS/computer itself?

Truenas Scale Dragonfish, i5-6600k, 32GB RAM, Corsair KB, 7xraidz2, 20TB disks. The VM stops responding to keystrokes at the same point in the installation every time.

Use a Spice client such as Remmina for Linux or Virt-Viewer for Windows. Maybe try another browser if you can’t do the previous.

I am assuming you mean the recently released version 24.04.0 and not the release candidate. In the GUI, How much Swap Space has the system used? You should be able to scroll back to the time period when you had created your VM. If you are using any SWAP Space, that is an issue as it signifies you ran out of RAM. If it is only a few KB, not a big deal nut much more than that and personally I consider it a big deal.

It’s typically not using any swap. There was a small time period at the beginning of this week where it used about 1.45GB.

OUCH! That is not a small amount at all. If it is using SWAP at all then that is a shortage of RAM. A little bit as I said before once in a blue moon, tolerable. So something was stopped and removed from RAM, placed on the hard drive for a while.

You can either increase your RAM or reduce whatever you are trying to do. Hopefully that helps out. When you try to install the VM again, first turn off any other VMs you have or services, free up as much RAM as you can, then try to install the OS. If it works then you know for certain what caused the failure.

Initial post states I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome already. I just tried virt-viewer and I have the same behavior… tab, arrow and enter keys work until I get to the keyboard configuration screen.

If I recall correctly, I had 100% CPU at that time… setting up apps at the time. I had like four python processes running like mad. Reboot solved the problem, and it hasn’t returned. I have 32GB of RAM.

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