VM won't boot after Build Update

I Have a TrueNAS Scale Box (22.12.2) that needed updates.

So when updating to everything is fine.

Now when going to 23.10.2 or The VMs (windows 10 guest) wont boot. They show started but they are not as I can’t RDP into them also when you click the display button to open the remote display for the VM in TrueNAS nothing happens just a flicker, when you open the shell again nothing just a black cursor.

I even tried creating a new VM with the Virtual Disk of the other VMs and same issue.

If anyone has an idea it would be very appreciated.

Do you see a Download logs option on the UI for the VM on If so are there any indicators in the logs?

On the display, between 22.12 and 23.10 releases the viewer was updated to spice and a password is required. Have you populated the password in the VM > Devices > Display device?

Password was already setup prior to upgrade.

i have this line
2024-05-30T15:42:08.215841Z qemu-system-x86_64: warning: This family of AMD CPU doesn’t support hyperthreading(2)
Please configure -smp options properly or try enabling topoext feature.

The CPU is an AMD EPYC 7543P I do not have multi thread enables and i have 1 thread per core
CPU Mode Host pass through. It was working fine before the update and if I boot back to everything is fine.

I’d recommend filing a bug report, the feedback option in the.UI makes this straight forward, make sure to include a debug.