Vote to Support improvements in Network > Interface Table [Add | Config | Search | Sort | Filter ]

If you are like me and would like to see improvements in Network Configuration and State Views to better deal with Micro-segmentation, please review and vote for:

NAS-128252 on the ixsystems JIRA

Changes to the Interfaces Table require redraw on the table
Search/Sort/Filter are extremely slow to process.
Large Micro-segmented network deployments are extremely difficult to manage and fast creation impacts the state of the table draw.

Very High, Network Add should not impact the operation of the host itself. The task of adding a new network should not require re-drawing the Interfaces Table and should be supported as a background task.

Its getting difficult to manage micro-segmentation in Truenas Scale, once you get past ~ 20 VLANs its extremely difficult to associate what each VLAN is used for.

As a Host Administrator I would like the following improvements to the Network Interface Table in order to better assess the configuration and to make add only hit-less changes to the table structure.

The Network Page needs the following improvements

  1. Search Sort Filter on [ Description | Parent Interface | Bridge Members | MTU ]
  2. Column Show | Hide on [ Description | Parent Interface | Bridge Members | MTU ]

The Periodic Snapshot Table is a good reference UI Widget that supports the user experience required for reworking most of Truenas Scale’s UI Tables

i.e. https://truenas /ui/data-protection/snapshot

#1 It has a Master Filter input field across the whole table
#2 It has the Column Selector
#3 Each Line can be expanded to include the configuration information that is not easily presented in a Table Row/Field.
#4 It supports a “Add” function with a modal roll-out input that does not require re-drawing the original table
#5 the role of the snapshot column would not be required but the fundamental structure of the table and the UX workflow are consistent with configuration state.

The ask would be to revisit the Network Master Table and recast the control functions in a similar manner to the Period Snapshot style.

To be honest most of the Truenas Scale configuration view/edit tables could be reworked more effectively using this style of Add / View / Edit functionality.