Web GUI not working after changing IP address in console

I’ve attempted to change the IP of the web GUI via the console, while this appeared to work, the web GUI now no longer works. I’ll attach some screenshots in the hope that someone may know how to fix it.

  1. The console is reporting this IP

  2. My router agrees with that

I’ve selected ‘reset configuration’ that didn’t help the situation.

If I were to re-install the OS, would my old data be picked up like normal?

Any help appreciated


It looks to me like you have the IP assigned both to eno1 and to br0. That doesn’t seem like it would work. I’d expect you’d need to delete the configuration from eno1, make sure that port is a member of br0, and leave the IP assigned to br0 as it is.

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Thanks Dan, while that didn’t initially work, that promoted me to delete both eno1 and br0.

Br0 then came back to life with a new IP and I could get onto the GUI