Web UI continually refreshes, only when a 2nd network interface is added

Currently I have Truenas core virtualized on proxmox. The initial nic that is setup is a proxmox virtual adapter, and setup as static through the webui. I’ve also set the ‘Web Interface IPv4 Address’ setting to the ip of this static adapter since this is entirely tied to a mgmt vlan. From this point everything seem fine.

Now I go ahead and add a 2nd nic. This one is a pcie passthrough through promox and shows as expected in the TrueNAS webui. This adapter is set as DHCP but in Opnsense, my router, I’ve set it up with a static lease tying the MAC address and an ip from an entirely different vlan with a different ip range.

Following this the webui enters a state of random refreshes where it has a popup stating, ‘Connecting to TrueNAS … Make sure the TrueNAS system is powered on and connected to the network.’. It then flashes the login screen and then return then return whatever screen as I was but will clear any data I entered into any field.

What would cause this? It makes using the webui impossible to use

Some notes and items I tried:

The two adapters are each connected to their own vlan; but inter-vlan routing is enabled so a USER vlan can access the MGMT vlan. I’m accessing the webui, through a network connected to the USER vlan, by entering the ip of the device found on the MGMT network. Accessing it through the USER network, is how it was setup originally.

I tried adding the statically set ip, from the webui, as a static lease. No difference

Tried accessing the webui directly through the MGMT network. No difference

The interface set to use DHCP receives a default route via that network. You probably have asymmetric routing as a consequence and the OPNsense firewall kills the connection every once in a while.

Look for “default deny/state violation” entries in the OPNsense live log.

Better configure everything statically - and have only one default gateway!

That’s exactly what I see in the live log for said src/dest ip.

I set both interfaces to be static, and in the Truenas gui, I do have a default gateway set which is the ipv4 address of the mgmt vlan. Is that correct? I know this isn’t the correct forum to ask such question

Perfectly ok, let’s go through this …

But I need a graphical or semi-graphical plan and all IP addresses involved to get that mental picture which is necessary to understand how your network is set up.

Don’t worry - private (RFC 1918) IP addresses are not a security concern. Please don’t obfuscate what’s going on - just try to give me a base for mental map of all systems involved.