Weird issue on iSCSI share

Hi, I have done succesfully 3 iSCSI shares from 3 VMs.
But I got weird issue on 4th iSCSI share (I am pretty sure that I was doing configurations in same way as before).

VM installation is fresh Ubuntu 24.04 (also working VM is same)

This command fails on new VM:
sudo iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal

iscsiadm: No portals found

iscsid.conf are identical, except username and password are unique.
initiatorname.iscsi has id that is defined on TrueNAS.

What is weird, in non-working VM I’ll get this:
root@storj1:/etc/iscsi# iscsiadm -m discoverydb via sendtargets via sendtargets

→ What is weird, that there is no IP address on any device in my LAN. This .85 is correct TrueNAS IP.

In working VM, I’ll just get this latter IP (=correct)
I tested also on another VM and there came also iscsiadm: No portals found, but in this VM only .85 address was in result of discovery.

I have checked many times TrueNAS iSCSI Sharing settings, and could not find issue. I also deleted all settings, and redo again.

Any idea what could be issue on TrueNAS settings? or is it issue on VM (client side)?

I got it working finally. Some setting did not work as I expected or something.

I think reason was iSCSI Share Wizard - I used it configure new iSCSI Share, but in the end of configuration it asked to restart iSCSI service, but it was not possible due current iSCSI shares.

Also I update TrueNAS form 23 to latest 24 version.
After this I was able to get new iSCSI share to work.

What is right way configure new iSCSI share, if there is already existing shares and reboot of iSCSI Service is not possible → reboot whole TrueNAS?

Why was a reboot of the iSCSI service not possible? Did you get a validation error preventing you from restarting the service or did you choose not to?

If not then just restart the service as it suggests. Restarting the whole NAS isn’t going to be less disruptive to your existing shares than restarting the service (though it would in effect also restart the service and accomplish the same goal).

Restarting either the server or the service shouldn’t be necessary - the service is capable of live-reloads of the config without interruption.

Were you adding these new iSCSI targets/extents on TrueNAS 23.x or 24.x?

I used 23.x when this issue came. After Wizard completion there came some notification that Service cannot be restarted due existing & active iSCSI shares.
However, new iSCSI configuration was looking ok, but it seems that it was not fully operational.
Only option was to restart whole TrueNAS (and close all VMs using it).
Note: TrueNAS is also virtualized under Proxmox.
I made also update to 24.x prior restart. But after upgrade to 24.x everything was working fine.
Also tried to add one new test iSCSI share, and no issues also on that.

So either TrueNAS restart or update to 24.x fixed the issue.