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Anyway… the formatting options are truly abysmal compared to the XenForum: writing and reading resources or long posts will be an horrendous experience.

Markdown is the way :slight_smile:

Yea, its a plugin we can look at enabling:


Other than full-justification, what do you feel is missing?

I’d also like to know. Just to make it clear, part of this week between forums is to dial things in. Rather than bloat the forums software on day one, we opted to start small and add/enable features based on need. Its much easier to add vs take away. If there are helpful features we can enable, please speak up.

Posting the same message from the other forum.

From a QoL (ease of use) point of view it’s a huge pain to format text there. For example as far as I know you can’t set text aligment at all, and in order to color text you need to use either html or latex, which means awfully long code insertion for minor formatting enhancement that provides a huge boost to a post’s readability!

It also sets the bar to a substantially higher knowledge level. Not a fan of this, even if the forum is meant for enthusiasts and professionals.

I feel like I got a more powerful car that lacks basic things like turn signal commands, and in order to make it work I need to short the circuits!​

Only a week to tune everything feels tight then. And does not contribute to a good first impression to the users, which is paramount on a change like this.

As always, these are my two cents. Take them for what they are.

We appreciate the feedback and we hear you :slight_smile:

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Just posted a resource but couldn’t select the resource category. Can it be moved?

Just moved that for you!

Just tried to add another one. Got an error saying I can’t post link to that host. The host is Github.
Also, my other resources were hidden by community flags.

I understand the need in general to prevent spam by users having to wait to reply to posts, but there really needs to be an exception for early registrations which are likely to be people who are existing members of the old forums.

You posted quick and the spam detection kicked in. Updated your posts, should all be good now.

Agreed, I may just bump all the early adopters up to Trust Level 1 to avoid this issue.

Yes, Kris, please do that!!

It is done. If we missed anybody please let me know.


Thanks for that information - where may the details of the codes be found?

As in, which types of code you can specify? Looks like the available list is here:

Which ones are configured on this forum I don’t know. And you can tell it to not highlight by using ```text to start the block.

The image size limits for the avatar profile pic seem to be using different delimiters than the text suggests. A bog-standard JPEG was rejected @ 1.2MB as being being bigger than 4MB.

The first accepted image was a standard 885kB JPEG on my system. I doubt the Mac and the new forum have that different a standard or is TrueNAS converting them to BMPs? :grinning:

Thanks - study required, obviously.

EDIT: I never imagined missing Xenforo!

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Interesting. I’ll take a look at what’s going on there.