Welcome again to Forums!

Hey folks! Welcome again to the new TrueNAS Forums. If something is broken or otherwise non-functional, by all means please let us know. Also, we’ve pre-seeded the Forums with a variety of topic tags. If you think we’ve missed any, please let us know as well.


It appears to me there is no space for signatures. We used to pur our system’s spcifications and links to useful resources down there… please tell me I missed it somehow.

Nope, Discourse doesn’t use user signatures.

Thank you, this is sad news. :headstone:
There are a few nice features… we will see.

@kris what about the old international section? Can we get Language tags (ie Italian)?

I’m not convinced of the value of multi-line signatures, even as I had one myself in the other place. Do my entire system specs need to mentioned dozens of times in a single thread topic? Or all of what you consider to be helpful resources?

I think anyone can create a tag when they start a new topic–but they’d need to know to do it.

I do like that Discourse now includes footnotes by default. It isn’t that often that I want them, but it does happen a bit.

In a long topic so they are called as such here? not having to go on the (hopefully) first post in order to see them, maybe after a while, is a luxury. Also, not having to link each time a user but saying “look in my signature fort this” is a nice luxury especially if you are from mobile.

I’m not seeing code tags though, but markdown apparently works. Mmh…

That’s the term in Discourse, yes.

Quote tags exist, but they’re usually implemented automatically (highlight text, click “Quote”). You can also quote without such attribution by prefixing a line with >.

Like this

It handles line breaks for you when you do that, too.


It’s rare that I’m using forums on a phone, so I admit I don’t give much thought to that.

Yeah, my bad. I meant code tags.
Also, apparently we cannot flag posts here?

Three backticks (```) before and after the block-o-text. You can follow the first one with the type of code if you want syntax highlighting, or just with “text” for none. So:

This one is PHP:


/* PHP function to burst a Library of Congress call number into its individual parts
   Input is a string containing entire call number
   Output is an array containing alpha class, numeric class (two fields to allow for decimal),
   first cutter, and second cutter.

function burstloc ($lcnum) {
  $lcarray = array();
  $lcarray["ClassAlpha"] = "";
  $lcarray["ClassNum"] = "";
  $lcarray["ClassNumDec"] = "";
  $lcarray["1stCutter"] = "";
  $lcarray["2ndCutter"] = "";
  $count = 1; 
  $lcnum = trim($lcnum); // eliminate leading and trailing whitespace
  $length = strlen($lcnum);

/* First character is always alpha, and goes in alpha part of classification.
   Second and third character may or may not be alpha.  If so, goes in alpha part, else
   numeric part.

…and this one is plain text:

root@truenas[~]# zfs list -r tank
NAME                                                   USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
tank                                                  93.1T  58.6T   275G  /mnt/tank
tank/.system                                          1.43G  58.6T  1.43G  legacy
tank/.system/syslog-5a0a2a47cd884dbcbe527966286bfc29  1.53M  58.6T  1.53M  legacy
tank/Downloads                                         448K  58.6T   192K  /mnt/tank/Downloads
tank/Video                                            65.5T  58.6T  13.9T  /mnt/tank/Video
tank/Video/Movies                                     7.83T  58.6T  7.83T  /mnt/tank/Video/Movies
tank/Video/TV                                         26.2T  58.6T  26.2T  /mnt/tank/Video/TV

You can also do it by indenting each line with four spaces, but the backticks are easier IMO.

I think that comes with an increased user level, which should come pretty quickly.

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After 3K+ posts on the other forum you would think we were beyond this. Jab intended iX! :angry:

…or 15k+…

I’m fairly used to Discourse–I’m a member of a number of Discourse sites, and I run two of them (one, coincidentally enough, being about the former name of TrueNAS). I don’t love it as a user, but I like it a lot as an admin. I guess it remains to be seen whether iX are shooting themselves in the foot with this change.

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What do you think about including system details using the Profile > About Me section?


I’m not Davvo, of course, but I don’t know that this is an appropriate replacement. Where the system details most matter is with posts asking for help, and I’m not going to hunt down a user’s profile to figure out what hardware they’re using (especially when, being somewhat out of sight, it’s probably out of date).

OTOH, it could be a good place for a list of helpful links/resources.

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Meh, maybe it’s not so good. You only get two lines in the preview.

PS I tried to edit my previous post but got an error. I’m guessing we need to level up before we can edit a post

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Yep. Not possible at this point because there aren’t enough posts to view. But that will change shortly.

…and now has. The Discourse trust system is a little different than on many sites, and the “basic” trust level comes with just some time reading. There just weren’t enough posts here for a little bit.

I have tried it, but it’s limited in space and functions: ie it does not allow links.

I actually was able to edit one of my posts a few minutes after writing it, so dunno. Maybe you need to complete the tutorial with the bot in your DMs.

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Wait! It looks like it might be possible to add a signature - At least it’s an option in another discourse forum I’m a member of. Maybe it just needs to be enabled by the admins?

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I have not been able to find that option in my settings here.

It would be under Profile… I noticed that in another discourse forum. I was wondering if that could be enabled here as well.