What happened to “Enable host path safety checks” in 24.04?

Hey all, I’m brand new to TrueNas but am enjoying an experimental phase with my new NAS.
I’m having some trouble getting Plex to see content which I’m pretty sure is a permissions issue. I can probably handle that, but my curiosity is about this “Enable host path safety checks” feature that everyone talks about disabling under Apps>Settings>Advanced Settings. When I look right where I see this in everyone else’s screens, I instead have “Enable Integrated Metrics Server”.
Wondering if this was changed in 24.04 as that’s the only version I’ve ever used, but I still see it referenced in the 24.04 documentation under Apps. Apps | TrueNAS Documentation Hub
Is there a dependency that I’m missing?

The hostpath validation was removed in Cobia aka Version 23, so it’s also no longer required in Version 24.

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