What is the case when it's preferable to have an app dataset?


In the couple of days I’ll face dilemma whether or not to separate a pool with different datasets for apps and users SMB share.

What is the advantage of creating a dedicated dataset for apps? and if it’s a good idea, what type of share it should have? apps, SMB? Any permission difficulties for users accessong apps in this case?


The case is every case, because there will always be a separate dataset for apps. Perhaps not under whatever unholy abomination 24.10 comes up with, but every version of TrueNAS up until now has put apps in their own dataset.

So unless you meant something different than you asked, I’m afraid your question doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If you perhaps meant to ask about having apps on their own pool, that would make more sense, but in that case the answer would be that it makes the most sense to put them on a SSD pool. That pool doesn’t have to be separate from your data pool, but it really is best they be on SSDs.


So I will not have to create the saparate dataset manually for apps? and the OS will create/use the dataset by default when I choose desired pool? Sorry this might sound silly but I’m complete noob in TruseNAS, for the short period of time I hope :slight_smile:



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