What is the primary network interface? / general network config


I am using scale and have created several VLAN interfaces that all have enp0s20f0 as the parent. The parent doesn’t use dhcp, nor does it have a static ip. Everything is done through VLAN’s; the physical switch port that is used is configured as a trunk.

I have several configurations where I use the VLAN’s, e.g. the GUI is in the management vlan, smb service is in the internal vlan, my pihole container is in the server vlan, a VM is in the IoT vlan, etc.

Now, which interface is used as the primary for basic tasks as checking for updates, backup jobs (to Backblaze), etc?

And what does the generic network configuration exactly do in here?

Some background for this question: I want everything to use the pi-hole for DNS. When I use the pi-hole IP as the DNS in the generic network configuration, things like checking for updates and backblaze backups fail with dns resolution problems. I want to troubleshoot that in my network, but currently have no clue. Hence first this question.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

ok, looks like truenas can’t connect to a container running on the same truenas host :slight_smile:

Maybe you need to setup a network bridge?

Thanks for the suggestion, looks like I need a bridge indeed.

Now I tried the following:

  • stop my VM/apps
  • remove vlan24 interface from configured apps
  • remove IP from vlan24 interface
  • create bridge and add alias

Last step fails, with an error message that this network is in use in an App.

Before I continue troubleshooting/trying: is this how it should work?

Need to unset the apps pool

this works nicely, thanks for your help!

Looks like this meme is not far from reality… :laughing: