What's causing this segfault on boot (virtualized)?

I’ve been running TrueNAS SCALE in a VM on Proxmox. While TrueNAS had been rock-solid, I’ve been getting increasingly annoyed with some aspects of Proxmox, including some flaky behavior, and have been considering switching over to TrueNAS on bare metal. I’d thought this was a question for another day, but yesterday I started to have issues with TrueNAS itself, and now I’m wondering if there might be some underlying hardware issue.

Starting yesterday, instead of the TrueNAS VM booting immediately, I’m getting long and often failed hangs during the process. It did finally boot successfully (and I immediately grabbed the config file and backed up everything again), though dmesg shows a number of segfaults at one point. Is there any way to tell anything from this? (It does go on a bit longer, in a similar vein.)

Which version of TrueNAS?

This is the “New system” in my sig, so, TrueNAS SCALE Dragonfish-24.04.0.

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Wasn’t sure of your sig was uptodate. And anyway, for posterity it changes.

I’d suggest trying and if problems persist try the 24.04.2 nightly as that is 3 different versions of the kernel.

Fair point!

I assumed that since I’d booted a few times with no problem, the issue wouldn’t be one that an update would solve, but, yeah, no reason not to do this. So I did update to, and that went perfectly smoothly, and at least for now, it booted cleanly. (There was still one segfault line in dmesg, but it didn’t even slow things down, and everything seems to be fine now.)

So, assuming that was it, I apologize for wasting bandwidth on that, and now I’ll get back to my own issues with Proxmox. Thanks.

Glad most of the issue seems resolved.

However, seg faults are serious (all warnings/errors should be serious but that aside). Seg faults usually occur when you try to access an area out of bounds. That should be fixed. If you have the time, I would try to submit a bug (can be a lengthy process sometimes) or at least someone should start asking for log files or whatever.