When connecting to the nextcloud website, truenas website is loading

I am new to Truenas. This is the first time I installed it (version: Dragonfish-24.04.0).
I also installed the nextcloud app from the app catalog (App Version: 29.0.0, Chart Version: 2.0.2) based on the this documentation hub article .
The app deploys and it is running. The problem is if I try to connect to the webpage with IP address and the proper port, the Truenas webpage loads instead of the nextcloud.
What did I do wrong?

Edit: The only other app I installed is Collabora and unlike the webpage of nextcloud the collabora webpage works.
Edit2: After booting a lot of messages appear on the monitor connected to the PC Truenas running on: IPVS RR: TCP - no destination available. I have no clue if this is related or not.