When installing identical HBA cards in IT mode with different firmware, can they be cross flashed?

Is it possible in TrueNAS Scale ( to sync, or cross flash two identical LSI 9201-16e SAS HBA cards that have different versions of firmware? Or can someone give me some advice on how to make them match as I’m having trouble identifying which files to download and use to flash the second card so that it matches the first card that I know works with my JBOD shelves I’m using.

Here are the details of the card I have in use and working:

Controller Number : 1
Controller : SAS2116_1(B1)
PCI Address : 00:83:00:00
SAS Address : 5000062b-2-009a-9c40
NVDATA Version (Default) :
NVDATA Version (Persistent) :
Firmware Product ID : 0x2213 (IT)
Firmware Version :
NVDATA Product ID : SAS9201-16e
BIOS Version :
UEFI BSD Version : N/A
FCODE Version : N/A
Board Name : SAS9201-16e
Board Assembly : H3-25379-01K
Board Tracer Number : SV41833189

The comparison

(Yes I typed the first list because I just learned on the fly how to post a screenshot, never stop learning!)

I’m connecting these HBA cards to Dell EMC2 KTN-STL3 Hard drive disk arrays used as JBOD and have 2 of the connected to the first card with no issue but because the second card isn’t properly flashed it doesn’t see the third shelf I have connected to it exact same hardware configurations on the shelves from controllers, cables, drives, caddies, interposers everything the only difference is the firmware on the two HBA cards.

I look forward to building out my ZFS file system from Raidz2 4 vdevs 7 wide with 2 spares to 6 vdevs 7 wide with 3 spares. Thank you for your assistance in solving my issue.