When is it unnecessary to use Docker inside of VMs

We are running flask apps with docker through an ubuntu vm
we have our postgres database running on another vm

at what point is this way more dumb and resource heavy than just running these through their alternatives directly in truenas scale app hub

I feel like im not utilizing kubers and truenas the way I should be that is also introducing a different learning curve. Is the difference drastic or is this min/maxing optimizations?

Thanks guys!

Maybe you could run that in the same VM.

I’ve been almost solely using scale during my truenas experiences and I don’t run any apps on my main machine. Personally I’m more familiar with managing my docker containers inside an Ubuntu VM hence that’s what I’m using.

Are you experiencing any performance penalties?

Just enabling k3s comes with a documented cost of at least 10 W at idle.
If you’re confident with running your apps in VMs, keep it that way, or look into jailmaker to reduce the overhead of running a full VM.

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Running docker in a vm was a good approach, but with sandboxes in scale, I think it’s better to use jailmaker.

(Will work in Cobia too)

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You should be able to run Postgres in a Docker image too and end up without any VMs. Overhead should be pretty low, and memory will be used flexibly rather than pre-allocated.

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Do you have Postgres set up inside Truenas (not a VM)?

Would like some guidance if you do.