When will TN Support Smart for NVMe Storage?

Hello all,

I’m looking for an official comment from the devs at TrueNas. Ultimately I would like to know if Electric Eel will support SMART reporting on NVMe devices?

I have a mixture of devices in my NAS, Mechanical, SATA SSD, PCIe SSD and NVMe.

I recently had a failure on one of my NVMe drives with zero warning which surprised me as I have scheduled short and long SMART scans scheduled. I then later learned that TrueNas does not yet support SMART reporting on NVMe drives, which would explain the lack of warning prior to failure.

When could we expect native functionality for this in TrueNas?

I am aware there is a 3rd part script available but ultimately this should be a native function.


I am not 100% certain but I do believe TrueNAS 13.3 and 24.04.x and 22.10 support NVMe “Reporting”, meaning if a SMART error is generated by the device TrueNAS will report it. However they definitely do not support automated SMART self-test via the GUI.

Give Multi-Report a test drive. It will run the NVMe self-tests, by default a daily short self-test and weekly long self-test. Or you can also create a CRON Job and run the smartctl commands that way. If the system have smartmontools v7.4 then it can run an NVMe self-test, anything before that and nope. Multi-Report does not use the smartmontools but rather the nvme commands.

I too hope for NVMe to be supported in the near future, to be honest I figured it would already be here. I did not plan to leave this lower level testing in place this long, it was a temporary means to an end.

Also, the developers do not monitor the forums that often. You might get an answer, you might not. A bug report gets some attention by them.


Hey, Yes it was your exact script that I was referring to as it happens. I am poised to get it all setup and hope to do that in the coming days.

I just wondered on when TN will get the native support, I will head over and report it as a bug to see if we can get an official response on this.


I would create a report on Jira but I get this error…and there is no contact form to speak to a Jira admin to fix the issue :confused:


It looks like you may have classified the issue in JIRA as an “improvement”. Community members can create "suggestion"s, and "bug"s. This is JIRA’s admittedly quite unhelpful way of letting you know.

I highly recommend reporting bugs from within the UI which not only “does all the right things” in JIRA, but also gives you an easy way to attach debugs and screenshots,


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That is really helpful! Thanks for that.

Bug submitted: [NAS-129868] - iXsystems TrueNAS Jira

Just popping this here for voting as I have submitted a feature request to add SMART to NVMe devices : SMART Reporting For NVMe Storage

Please vote if you feel it is a worthwhile addition.