Where is the firewall?

I don´t see in gui any firewall? how to setup open port?

Truenas is not a router applicance.

You would need to open the ports you need in your router.

Be careful what ports you open, personally I only open ports for wireguard.

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If you are referring to the NAS itself - there is no firewall. All ports are open.

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Why do you think you need to “setup open port”? What is it you’re actually trying to accomplish?

As others have said, TrueNAS (whichever version you’re using, which you didn’t mention) doesn’t include any sort of firewall, never has, and almost certainly never will. It’s a NAS; use a firewall if you want a firewall (which you should).

Ok i understand but even ubuntu node isn´t a router appliance but it has its firewall.

In your router.

thanks, so it’s open to internal attack, if someone cracks my wifi i am screwed.

Not if you have properly configured your network.

I use password12345 for my WiFi passphrase. Most hackers that wield Kali Linux laptops, while slowly cruising different neighborhoods in white vans, usually attack password1234, or passphrases shorter than 13 characters. Using password12345 protects your network against these typical attacks.


If an attacker is already on your internal network, you have lots of problems.


It’s open with the services it’s running. What’s the point of a system providing a service if you block that service at the port level? What’s the point of blocking ports that are not providing a service and result in a “port unreachable”, anyway?

For anything more complex I recommend a network firewall and proper isolation. I really do not believe host based firewalls add anything worth maintaining.


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I note that you still haven’t explained what you’re actually trying to accomplish, nor in what way you think a firewall on the NAS will help you do it.

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