Where's my missing data? I need my data back

I’m missing my datas. The folder is empty. Where did my datas files go?

I have WD drives in a gigabit NIC server.

I tried rebooting but the data is still not in the folder’s storage volume.

Help me get my data back.

I use SMB networking with my WD hdds. 4 drives with many GBs in my RAM.

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Feel like trolling a bit this evening?


I just want to know what it’s like on this side of the troubleshooting line sometimes…

It feels nice, like floating on a cloud.

Anyways. You provided no help in getting my data back.


Did you try looking out the windows?

Is the sun up or down?

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Does that work with Windows 10? I never upgraded to 11.

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The moderator’s presence was felt through the long shadow he cast


…I found my data.


Where was it? In the recycle bin? In a secret extra drive in an alternate dimension? Waiting for you to say the appropriate wizarding spell for it to reappear? Or did it simply give up the game of hide-and-seek because it got tired of waiting?

P.S. It might be very handy to know what the Wizarding World spell is to recover lost data? Can someone please post it here?


It was outside the window

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This is all too complicated for me. Better buy a [vendor here] system with a juicy support contract. Then all your GBs will be safe and protected by all levels of support techs.

My GBs? Heh. Protected.


That’s the fun part, you’re not paying them to keep your data safe, you’re paying them so you can point your finger at them when they lose your data!


Oh yeah? Well when I lose my data I’m going to scream at so many innocent support people and demand 15 nanosecond updates as well as a war room conference call until my GBs are back. I didn’t pay for Platinum Silver Omega Babysitter Xtreme 99.999% uptime support contract for nothing!!! I don’t want to hear excuses! So what if our replication only runs every 24 hours!? I need the last 5 hours of data NOW. What do you mean the data needs to RE-HYDRATE? Computers aren’t supported to get WET. What do you mean I have to call Iron Mountain to get my tape backup??? Do I look like I have a VCR!? Every second that passes that our GBs are missing is another concession my account team is going to serve to me on a gold platter!!

Ok maybe that one hit a bit too close to home. I felt a tear somewhere inside my chest.


Let it all out. This is a safe space.


Anyone else remember “The Chronicles of George”? A classic from the legacy internet era. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I actually read all 8 pages in a lazy afternoon some time ago.


No, I did not read any of “The Chronicles of George". A bit tame for me, based on the first 1/2 dozen or so.

Perhaps I should not dare to mention the BOFH articles, as they are NSFW. Even the acronym BOFH is NSFW.

Did I just get banned?

Well, little loss since the forum board change :slight_smile:


AI people should point to that and say “See? Our product is not strictly worse than a human being at this job!”


Simon right?

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