Wifi on TrueNAS core?

i am new to TrueNAS and i dont know how to setup wifi on my home NAS.
Can someone help?

WiFi is not supported on TrueNAS. Use an access point (Ruckus, Unifi,…), or whatever the box from your ISP may provide.

I read somewhere that ture NAS core supports wifi, is that ture? And if yess how to set it up?

Not true. SCALE might have some wifi drivers, but we still don’t support setting it up anywhere.

ok thanks

Would one of those “ethernet to wifi” adapter work instead?

You mean like a wireless bridge (i.e. ASUS WL-330GE)?
I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work, as far as TN would have visibility it would just look like a normal RJ45 connection on the physical NIC.

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