Will an LSI 9207-8i work with my motherboard CMB-A9SC2

I’m very new to this and have some old hardware I want to implement as a Plex storage box. Can I attach the card to my PCIe slot and run everything in RAID 5?

Additional information, the motherboard has x8, x16 PCIe and a 32 bit PCI slots and supports 6 embedded SATA drives, just looking to give myself room to expand. CPU is a Xeon E3-1220L v2 @ 2.3ghz

Thanks in advance!

The LSI SAS 9207 is fine, but it sounds like you should start by reading up on the basics before diving into the deep end.

Specifically, there’s no “RAID5” with ZFS. Read about raidz and think hard before comitting to a geometry as you may not change it after pool creation.

FYI the PCI slots are mislabeled in this diagram :wink:

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