Will TrueNAS SCALE restore applications and VMs with loading the configuration file?

I have a situation where I want to replace the OS drive my TrueNAS Scale instance is installed on (I currently have one large disk, want to replace it with a smaller one).

I have exported the configuration file with “Password Secret Seed”.

There are about 20 applications running on that server.
The ix-applications, VM and the container configs are on my ZFS pool (which will stay the same).

Question is now:

  • When I reinstall TrueNAS Scale on the new drive and restore it with the configuration file, will it also “reinstall” all my applications?
    Everything else stays the same (location of application configuration files, datasets, etc.)
  • Will my single VM also get restored with loading the configuration file?

My fear is, that I will have to manually set up each application again (some are docker, some are from TrueCharts).

The Applications and VMs will restore in this case since you have the configuration backup, and the original storage pool still intact.

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