Window Security User Accounts NOT Visible

Hello, I recently upgrade from TrueNAS core 12.0 to 13.0. I upgraded the OS, then upgraded the pools. What’s happening, in Windows, when I try and configure security for a folder I can’t access the user accounts on TrueNAS. When I click “Search” I get another login prompt for the server. If I tick “users only” and click search I get some error in the results pane talking about more than one connection from the same user. What is going on here? I had no issues with version 12.0…


Here’s a snapshot of the error when I select users only. The address of the TrueNAS server is in the location field.

What’s weird is that on an existing folder the permissions are still set, and Windows can resolve the user ID’s within the existing folder. However, I still can add any new accounts to the existing folder.

Should all my “user” groups be visible on this command?

Well, it appears that the issue resolved itself. Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough…