Windows 11 slow transfer speed?

Hi, just set up TrueNAS Scale and ran into this issue where transfer speed starts off fast (around 220MBps) and drops to 10-30 MBps within a few seconds.

Googled around and found this post: Reddit link

So I set up a VM using Hyper-V running Win 10 and was able to achieve full speed throughout the whole file. Also ran iperf3 from Win 11 ↔ TrueNAS and Win 10 (VM) ↔ TrueNAS, both clients have a 2.4GBps link speed to the NAS and back.

Since Win 10 VM was able to achieve full speed, is it safe to say that there’s no issues with the hardware or the TrueNAS setup, and that the problem lies with Windows 11?

Asking on this forum to see if there’s any solution before I downgrade to Win 10, all inputs are appreciated.

Some hardware info:
TrueNAS Scale: Single drive + smb
Both clients and host use I-225V to a 2.5gig switch

Please don’t test with iPerf3 if your going to use it with Windows. There are documented issues with the windows version not reporting correct numbers. Use Microsoft’s ‘ntttcp’ instead. See the following links: