Wordpress Backup Restore and Migrate Script 3.0.0

This resource was originally created by user: NasKar on the TrueNAS Community Forums Archive. Please DM this account or comment in this thread to claim it.

This script will backup, restore and migrate a Wordpress install to another site. Although all the steps can be done manually or with a plugin it’s nice to have it packaged in a neat package. You can create a cron job in the GUI to automatically backup your site. It integrates well with Basil Hendroff’s Scripted Wordpress Installation but can be used if your install didn’t use his script.

It’s just another option to safeguard your Wordpress data within your FreeNAS environment.

Scripted installation instructions for this resource are at GitHub - NasKar2/freenas-backup-wordpress: Backup and Restore Wordpress install.