X10SDV - "Temp problem" -> Fan; Case, TPM unit

Hi All,

I just recently acquired a X10SDV-TLN4F (without fan). It’s my first time with TrueNAS and Supermicro.

I tried to boot the system, it more or less works until the speaker just buzzes all the time. I had not time to install anything yet. Once I unplug the board if I try to start again no output is shown and two leds (green and red) are blinking continuously. I waited the night and tried again and booted properly until buzzing. Therefore I suspect it might be related with a temperature problem. Did you have any experience similar to me ?

In the other side, I am looking for a case. I saw most of you use the Node 304. Did any of you try the Jonsbo N1 Mini-ITX ?, I guess I’ll have far more problems with temperature …

I will need a TPM unit. Do you have any recommendation ?


Those motherboards expect a good amount of air flow - I modified mine extensively - new active HX on the CPU, multiple case fans, etc. to bring pretty much all motherboard temperatures down to ambient plus 20 degrees Celsius or less.

I’d start by finding a good case for your board. My favorite for mini-ITX is the Lian-Li Q26a which sadly hasn’t been made in years but is an awesome platform for small motherboards

X10sdv needs a cpu fan unless it has server airflow.

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Just fixed my x11sfv with three phantec t30 120mm at advanced setting. 3u server chassis. Blasting air through with a selv made funnel to guide air over cpu cooler. Works great.

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