X11SSL-F Upgrade too use iGPU

Hi Everyone,

I done abit of looking, only board i can find that not at crazy price.

Looking Upgrade e3-1225-v5 X11SSL-F to X11SSi-LN4F.
So i can use Hardware transcoding Intel® Quick Sync Video for plex.

Would this work, since dose cost abit or buy intel a310 gpu, trying keep power down first.

Finaly made jump too truenas scale lastest stable version.


It should work with the X11SSi-LN4F, yes; Since it’s based on the C236 chipset.
Supermicro’s Quick Sync support on the C236 chipset is a bit iffy, but your proposed board is mentioned in this official FAQ:

Ok cheers for that info allways god to double check.

If they are abit iffy, would it be better go with intel arc A310.

What I meant by iffy was that you can’t assume a motherboard will work just because it’s based on the C236 chipset.

But the linked FAQ suggests that the board you mentioned, X11SSi-LN4F, is among the ones that with Quick Sync support, at least as I read it.

If you are still unsure, ask SuperMicro directly.

I don’t know anything about what an Intel Arc A310 will and will not support or what possible pitfalls await, sorry.

Ok cheers for you time and effort :slight_smile:

As of today Intel Arcs have issues with TN, but it should be something being worked on.