ZFS Cache not working right on clean install of

I am definitely not a very experienced user. However, I recently did a clean install of TN Scale to the stable Dragonfish. I was using Bluefin previously. Install went fine and I was able to import my pools but I was under the impression that the ZFS cache wouldn’t be bugged, or I am missing something here?

Assuming you’re referring to the large amount of free ram as “bugged”

The cache fills up as you use the system. You’ve only been up for 14.5 minutes.

Do you expect to have read 120+ GB of unique information from your pool already?


What is it that you’re seeing as a bug in that screenshot?

Okay that makes sense, like I said I am not very experienced and have always just had it running and touched it rarely. I just saw videos and screenshots of the cache utilizing as much RAM as possible.

Give it time :slight_smile:

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Or run a
/bin/ls -lahR /mnt/
From the prompt to get the file list at least into the cache

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Or initiate a scrub…