ZFS Cache using 38gb of 64gb total?!

so whats up with that? can someone explain the purpose for why it uses like 50%?? or better if theres a way to limit how much it uses? thats crazy, im only able to create 1 vm with like 12 gb then get a warning about memory…

More context needed, what release are you on?

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the newest one,

it was strange cause when i did the update last night, the zfs was super low and my available was high at like 53gb

Were you on Cobia 23.10 before?

You might be getting confused by the new ZFS ARC behaviors in Dragonfish, which are actually old behaviors identical to what we had in CORE. ZFS runs under the assumption that unused memory is “wasted” memory, I.E. its doing nothing for you, so the ARC will grow to try and consume as much of that is available. And then dynamically shrink as needed if other applications need to increase their memory usage. That gives you overall more ZFS cache and better performance.


ah interesting i see…thank you for explaining it to me

sorry for not asking this a few days ago…but so why when i go to start a vm that has 16gb allotted for it and no applications or vms installed that have any memory assigned to it, why do i still get a warning message that says i dont have enough available memory to run the vm efficiently and to override it with caution? even when i confirm to override it it wont load the vm…

maybe it was just a bug cause i did some tinkering and maybe messed with some setting and that was a few days ago and before the update i just did this morning…havent seen it since…but i do get a error on my boot screen that says “vfio module verification failed tainting kernel”??? i know thats a gpu issue and probably has to do with me isolating the gpu and ive read in other posts its a bug or something as well…but still would like it to boot normally with the proper menu and not frozen on that error command…cause i can still log in to the gui a few minutes after that vfio error freezes up and use my gpu with vm fine…