ZFS recovery, need help with next steps

This question was originally asked on the old forum but before the forum was closed it was not answered so I am asking it here again in hope of getting an answer as I have the same problem as the original forum user.

Original Question:
I had a pool corrupted so I used Klennet ZFS Recovery and was able to recover a file that starts with ZVOL.

How can I import the ZVOL back into my Truenas server [or another operation system, like ubuntu]?

p.s. if this helps: The ZVOL should contain a Linux VM (Debian 12) or at least that what I guess from the name of the file and the knowledge of with was stored on the TrueNAS .

How big is the file?

I think if you make a new zvol, suitably large, then you should be able to use dd to write the contents of the file into the zvol

From there you should be able to setup a vm using the zvol as its disk

First of all, thank you for your answer. Your answer should work. I was able to restore the VM but it wouldn’t boot at all. In the end it was easier for me to use a HEX editor since I only had text files I needed back from the VM.