Zvol doing an houdini


With Dragonfish-24.04.0 on sunday, around 13h00 created a zvol on the server, setup iScsi for ESX, move some vm/templates on it all was good. The computer was rebooted at 18h00, last I access it was around 23h00 and ESX could access the iscsi. Monday did not access it.

This morning, every trace of the zvol is gone, zfs history does not show the creation of the zvol. The computer has not been rebooted since the last time I access it Sunday.

I thought maybe a hardware issue. I created a zvol, reboot, it’s still there, then power down and cut power, after power up, still there. What could have caused the zvol/iscsi to disappear?

How did you create the zvol? Do you have multiple pools on the server? If normal zpool history isn’t showing the zvol creation and deletion you can review the internal history zpool history -i <pool name>. If it doesn’t appear there, then the short answer is that the zvol wasn’t created on the pool in question.

Thanks for the reply. I created it through the GUI/Web, as well as the sharing through iSCSI (which I accessed via ESX). zpool history -i show no trace of the zvol. Obviously I’m missing something, this does not make any sense. No alcohol nor drugs was involved, maybe a brain aneurysm. I’ll try again.