Zvol , pool , dataset , jail

I am currently running truenas core 12 with 1 zvol consisting of 2 disks 1 pool 1 iocage running plex. Everything is fine there. I had it all in an old optiplex case. I recently upgraded the case to storage master. My question is how do i create a new zvol , new pool and the 1st iocage and dataset so i have only one plex but two different storage locations?

This does not make sense at all. Please read up on terminology and try again to describe your setup.

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It’s unlikely you have, or want to create, a zvol. And you probably don’t want another pool, either. What you’d most likely want to do would be to add more disks to your existing pool. The docs will explain this for you:

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You can use mount points directly in your Plex jail, with right permissions on dataset off course

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I want this for a few reasons. 1st pool has 2 hdds and the 2nd currently only has 1 hdd but will have a second. But im trying to separate the movies and the shows on a data level. If there is an issue with the movies hdds i want to resilver movies and not shows. Or resilver shows and not movies. I do plan on expanding both pools but just trying to get it set up and a know how for future as well. Thank you.

With little zfs terminology i tried to explain in simple lamens terms. Zvol has 2 disks. That created a pool that can loose one disk but needs to be replaced asap. The pool created is pool 1. I then created a new zvol using only 1 hdd currently. The pool created from that is in stripe and is pool 2. Pool 1 has a jail plex. But pool 2 is only the new disk at the moment. Did this help? Thank you for pointing out ppl need to be more specific.

Don’t; your “laymen’s terms” were more confusing than had you used correct terminology.

No, it doesn’t. That simply isn’t what a zvol is. Perhaps you meant a vdev?

And frankly, this makes no sense at all:

That’s frankly silly. But for whatever reason you want it, @oxyde has your answer–add a mount point to your Plex jail for the data on your second pool. That’s all you need to do.

Ok lets try to make this simple. Not everyone graduated from harvard. It does say zvol or to correct this Zvol. This results in a vdev. So yes i did use correct terms. Just not at a harvard level.

Thank you for understanding to a point. Will this allow me the ability to separate what goes to what hdds? I plan it in my head in this manner. Pool1 movies pool2 shows ond on main computer transfer data accordingly. Open pool1 and transfer movies into it. Open pool2 and transfer shows. Will this work? Also the reason for 2 pools is because disks are of different capacity. If i had the money for the disks i want i would use only 1 pool. Thank you again.

Snark isn’t going to help you.

What, specifically, with respect to your pool, says zvol?

That is not a reason for 2 pools.

Regardless of the wisdom of this arrangement, sure. Set up a share on pool1 for movies, and another share on pool2 for shows. Mount both to the Plex jail.

Yes, just mount your source (for example, TankPool/Film) in


Then easy manage your file with library.

Thank you ever so much.

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Ok it sounded easy but im not completely wrapping my head around it. Here are some photos if you could make sinse of and assist me a bit further. Thanks in advance.

  • Log into web gui
  • go to jails
  • search plex, click the right small arrow, and click stop
  • after plex stopped, click mount points
  • top right, Actions → Add
  • set source and destination how explained last post

I don’t see the word zvol anywhere in your pool overview. Please click on the little cogwheel in the upper right next to your first pool name, click on “status”, then post that.

If your primary pool is built from a mirrorered vdev and you want to add two new disks to your system and keep the level of redundancy, you can add another mirrored vdev to the same pool and not move around any data at all.

That’s why terminology is important. We still have no idea (ok, a vague one) about how your pool is built.

Thank you once again

It also shows at the time a new hdd is added to system before it becomes a vdev

Zvols are virtual block devices. You very probably do not have any. Also please click the cogwheel one level higher and post the pool status.

Pools are built from vdevs, vdevs are built from disks.

You can create datasets (for files) or zvols (for block storage) on a pool.