24.04.0 Out Of Memory

Hi All,
Using FreeNAS since version 9.

Today my TrueNAS box running on SCALE Dragonfish-24.04.0 ran out of memory.
I was a bit supprised because this was the first time i experienced a crash.
The box is not a memory beast but running on 16GB was never a problem until today.

The only services i run are:

  • SMB: for basic file shares
  • NFS: for my Proxmox node running low spec linux VMs like HomeAssistant.
  • SNMP: for monitoring TrueNAS
  • SSH: to pull data from TrueNAS with rsync to Proxmox Backup Server

There are no VMs, Apps, … running on the box, only the above

The system went ouf of memory while pulling data over SSH. It only has a 1GBit connection so the box was not under heavy load.

I noticed that some time before the available memory was unusual low like:
ZFS cache: 0.5GiB and Services: +13GiB.

I don’t understand why Services was using so much memory while i’m running very limited services.

The IPMI remote console showed an Out Of Memory error, and after some time the box rebooted itself.

After the reboot the memory usage is back to normal:
ZFS cache: 12.8GiB and Services: 1.9GiB

On the graph you can see the memory utilization of the last 3 months and then suddenly went to 98%+

Hardware specs:
Supermicro X11SCL-IF
Intel(R) Core™ i3-8100T CPU @ 3.10GHz
Kingston 1x16GB ECC
4 x Seagate Exos X18 - 16TB

This is known issue in 24.04.0. A fix has been implemented in 24.04.1

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Allright. Updated to 24.04.1.

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