24.04.1 - eta 05/28

Thank you to everybody for all the feedback on 24.04.0! Despite a handful of issues we’ve seen all-time record adoption and growth on this .0 release. We are now in code-freeze for the first update to 24.04, 24.04.1, which is slated to release 05/28. A list of what is planned to be fixed is here:



Not looking good for my pool import problem–guess I’m stuck on 23.10 for the time being.

That is quite a few fixes, this is good news. @dan sorry your fix is not there.

Any idea what contributed to this? From my perspective it seemed like a lot of new people joined. Maybe the YouTube videos helped it along a lot? Regardless of if they remain relevant for long. I know that I have downloaded the ISO and Upgrade media a few times each.

But I am glad to see the first maintenance release come out. I personally do not like recommending an original release to someone new to the game, but now I should be able to recommend soon Dragonfish.

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I’d say a lot of it is organic, buzz on socials, youtube videos, etc. What kind of shocked us was the .0 adoption, a lot of folks tend to be conservative and wait for .1 or even .2, which I totally get. We’ll be eager to get .1 into peoples hands quickly, resolve some of the most annoying issues.

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Hi Dan.

We have collected three different reports for this condition. It’s being worked. Will update when we have some traction on the root cause there.



Understand it can be hard to track down what’s happening when it’s only (apparently) a few users with the problem–still hoping it can be fixed soon. Much as I like the idea of throwing in 18 more 16 TB drives, I’m afraid that isn’t economically feasible.

I would guess that your most-YouTube-promoted direct competitor becoming subscription rather pay once and forget contributed a fair bit, judging by the posts I saw there whilst evaluating both, making some look at their options properly for the first time in a long time.

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And of course Dragonfish being the first release of SCALE since the official announcement that CORE would likely end with release 13.3, I assume many users wanted to see if a sidegrade migration was possible now.

@kris My heartfelt belief (and despite my vocal comments on some communications issues) is that people TRUST ixSystems and TrueNAS and believe SCALE to be a solid product with both responsive product support from ixSystems and excellent “how-do-I” support from the community.

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The adoption of sandboxes, specifically jailmaker - maybe also in contrast to the Truecharts predominance - brought some folks over to SCALE. imo


I imagine the ARC changes in 24.04 were a major contributor - whether you’re on a smaller system wanting to eke out the most of your meager allotment, or you’ve got big iron on your hip in your rack and didn’t want to see 512 GiB or RAM sitting idle, “unused RAM is wasted RAM” and we’re using a lot more of it now.

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VMware going away did make people check and move.

But, most of the loyal FreeNAS people, have been forced to get the latest, hoping for Apps stability, GUI enhancements and LOST features (smb aux parms!).

Appreciate the software, but I have to say that I was not impressed with the recent release when you did change the default non-existent home for users and did not care to add an upgrade routine to take care of migrating the old values.
(That’s called Beta software in my view).

It’s hard I know, so then, do not rush the releases maybe?

Yes. FreeNAS and now TrueNAS, after VMWare ESXi (100% flawless updates), is one of the FEW complex systems that I NEVER have fear updating.

The real secret sauce of TN is the database. As long as the database is correct, the rest is code!

(Go compare with pfsense. They use xml, which is a database too, but they make more mistakes in their code because of the different approach!).

I think most people were already there, trying to deal with the apps instability (yes).

I have been using FreeNAS since 2012?
Similar time for ESXi. It was a bit clunky (backups to freenas), but it did work well.

I got this feeling about ESXI once they released esxi 8 and started looking.
Tested ProxMox, but it is NOT an “applicance” (change files by hand, or boot-loader to enable pass-through?, you are crazy!), like TN is, so I did not commit to it.

Considered XCP-NG, as it has ALL the features I want, but I will not leave ZFS.
Once TrueNAS Scale promised an all-in-one solution, I went all in!

I knew where I wanted to be, coming from ESXi. Yes, had to write a dozen scripts to deal with zfs replication, space and VMs (why they cannot SUSPEND them when rebooting TrueNAS!).

I did change the config file to make them suspend, but TrueNAS gets confused when trying to start them back up and vm-suspend just doesn’t work.

But I know Linux and understand where they are going, so I, like many, just keep waiting until most of the features get implemented and work as expected.

I kept WAITING and refraining myself from trying to install APPS, as I cannot stand when predictable code breaks just because released code, keeps changing, as the big picture has not yet been figured out yet. (It’s hard I know).

Once jailmaker came around, that allowed me to TRUST in my jails and code inside them.

It’s still not perfect as I get alerts for connectivity (failed pings) to the TN servers when apps are getting updated…so the network stack STILL needs work.

None the less. TrueNAS is my chosen all-around Hypervisor.

Now that VMWare Workstation is free, I will also use it under Windows (did use Virtual Box in Windows for a while, due to the VMware license requirements) for some specific VMs/cases, as it is the best Hypervisor under Windows.

Definitely this. My TrueNAS deployment has 512GB of RAM in it, and it pained me to see 300GB+ sitting there, mocking me. I’m already seeing a noticeable performance boost.

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For me it was that CORE is on maintenance support only and SCALE is the future. (I didn’t actually switch yet, due to a bug in .0 that will be fixed in .1).

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Consider me a conservative user.

I’ve only been using TrueNAS Scale for a few months (moved over from xpenology), but as a newbie I wanted to start with a stable release, not be dealing with early adopter bugs at the same time as learning my way around, so opted for Cobia.

I’m eager to upgrade to Dragonfish now I’m a little more knowledgeable about the platform and some bugs have been ironed out, though.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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Hey guys!

Thanks for the hard work! Any reason this one has not been added to the milestone?


Not sure it’s a big one and it’s preventing me to properly do my backup. Don’t want to wait the next release for backuping to the cloud…


That is being re-targeted at .1 right now. Expect it next week.