24.04.1 - eta 05/28

For me I felt like scale had been around long enough that I was finally ready to move there from Core. I had gotten rid of all my jails probably at least 8-9 months ago by migrating them to a mini-pc running docker that also had quicksync for my Plex server . Felt as though most issues had been dealt with, and while the move helped me find that I had some bad ram it was amazingly smooth otherwise. I was a little worried that the move from Freebsd to Linux would still have a chance of fubaring my system, but thanks to the great work you all have done (minus RAM issues) it went fantastically. Kudos


Here’s hoping that on Tuesday onwards we get many fewer upgrade issues reported on here with 24.04.1. :grinning:


guys where to get SCALE-24.04.1 (DragonFish) build ?

Its online now:


I am still seeing 24.04.0 version, am I am missing something ?

Website gets updated a tad later in the day, direct link is here:

Thank you

Thanks. It all looks good at first glance.

Upgraded all but my one main TrueNAS that does VM hosting.

Jumped right away to 24.4.1 as there should not be any breaking changes, but in my main VM hosting machine, I need time to shutdown check and save open apps/docs.

I must shutdown VMs as TrueNAS Scale does not allow me to SUSPEND the VMS:
I DID change the /etc/default/libvirt-guests with ON_SHUTDOWN=suspend

The system does suspend the VMs when shutting down, but fails to bring them back up, as I guess they implemented a very rigid routine (recreate vm-config from Database on every boot) for VM start-up after boot.

File a bug? - This should be a basic feature.
Guessing IXSystems did it that way for a reason…

I will deal with that system later today, once the other upgraded systems have been up for a while and I can check stats, logs and container apps.

Thxs for good code and good testing.

Watch out: Apps giving issues…again.

Apps page showed empty (Applications are not running).
Clicked “Open Settings” and simply did a Save.

Timed out waiting 60 seconds for br1: Bridge-1 to come up.

Did reboot once. Apps down. Great.

Jailmaker apps, no problem!


Got the error:
Application(s) have failed to start:
list index out of range

(No, cannot file a bug right now. Have to run. Tried from the GUI but seems you cannot use the same account as this one?).
I am not doing anything that the GUI didn’t let me do, so I’m sure other people will come across, soon enough).

They have fixed this for what looks to be the next update, a workaround is to remove the description from the interface used.

In your example, remove the "Bridge-1" description from the defined br1 interface. The description field needs to be empty or it will not be accepted until the patch is out.

Thank you. That did work.

Just saw the other similar bug reports.
Guess a few people jumped a couple hours before me.

Been a software tester a few times in my life. Trying to imagine how this one
went through. (no test scenario with Interface Description filled in?

Still, appreciate the software and team, and hoping upgrading gets to be boring again, now that Scale is not new and has technology stability/roadmap.

To be totally straight up, exactly that, no specific test for apps with this field populated on a network interface (and never has been). Every release we go through all the escapes and look at how to improve, identify significant escape areas and drive to do better. It’s a challenge, for this one we now need to have tests with each interface type with every optional field populated and unpopulated, this is a staggering number of potential combinations. I’ll tell you the whole team kicks ourselves when we see things like this escape, we want to deliver great quality.

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Understand. Testing everything is never easy or quick.

Guess my testing approach has always been: new, basic, normal, advanced/fuzzy/garbage.

But automation of those things, that’s a whole different skillset and tools and it
takes the time it needs to take, as, you cannot have a baby in 1 month with 9 pregnancies.

Always have appreciated and respect the transparency of this product/company
and that always prevails, in this world of pretend.

Thanks for a great product. Putting a few scripts together is not too hard, but making it all work perfect, and maintain it, a real challenge.

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