Apps Update - 2024-06-06

I’ll be periodically posting updates on where the Apps frameworks is at in our upcoming Electric Eel Nightly Images (24.10). As of right now, we’ve begun the work to replace the k3s backend with Docker / Compose. The first major commit in that effort has landed:

As a result, we expect nightly images / Apps will be broken for a short while as we finish all the related work and cleanup other dependent repositories. Users running nightly images may wish to hold off another few weeks until we sound the “All Clear” that it is safe to update again.

Additionally we’ve started on our new Compose “Apps” repository, which is where all the pre-built Applications will live long term. (Our equivalent of the Helm Charts repository). This will be getting some rapid updates over the course of June, and we’ve added a tracker to the Readme so you can monitor as new apps get merged.


So long, and thanks for all the fish.


I don’t see Docker Compose as a step forward from k8s.


Perhaps you should have have added a config checkbox to select between k3s and docker compose Apps backends, and watched which of the two survived. Its not hard to predict the outcome. Anyway, the only problem with k3s based Apps in Truenas was in the way it was exposed for configuration. It’s like Truenas SCALE was never really invested in the concept of using k8s natively.

Cheers Truenas, it was nice knowing you.


Thank you for the updates on this huge undertaking Kris.

I run all my non-multi-container apps as custom apps to avoid being reliant on someone else updating a Helm Chart for compatibility (I thankfully didn’t get to the point where I had my own helm chart repo…) I’ve seen (and you are now documenting) how several of the built in apps will migrate to “static” pre-provided repo of compose files, and helpfully noted the transition for these should be smooth on upgrade.

Any thoughts on how custom apps will migrate? I basically had to take my self-maintained docker compose files and hand work them into custom apps, so I don’t mind rebuilding them I guess since I used host path storage for everything.

Also, sort of random note, I’d love an easily cloneable “Example/Blank” github library that I could add my customized compose-based apps to. I was headed down that path with Helm charts but there wasn’t a good clean starting point with just a single app example. This new format looks much simpler, maybe accommodates that more easily? Perhaps the GUI will mean I don’t care/ need that though and you won’t support external libraries?

Either way, appreciate the updates as the process moves forward, I think for the scope and userbase you’ve seen embrace scale this makes a ton of sense, and I look forward to the increased demand for a jailmaker UI from Kubernetes users.

If you used the “Custom App” button in the UI to deploy something manually, those should all migrate over to a Compose backend at upgrade time. Worst case if something doesn’t come over cleanly, you will be able to re-add it and use the same host paths as you mentioned :slight_smile:

You’ll have some different options for this. If you want to monitor the development of the new apps, you can do so here. We’ve already got a pull request open for portainer and dockge which will give you additional flexibility if you want to mange your containers via those interfaces as well. We’ll be seeing those merge in over the next month or so. Some remaining bits to land in the middleware / base system first :slight_smile:

Thank you again for doing this. Docker Compose is going to change everything for the better!

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