Backup advice

Hi all!

I’m trying to upgrade from Bluefin to something newer. (monitoring ISP bandwidth)

I have Syncthing running, which a handful of devices use to sync all sorts of data.
That Syncthing directory is Rsynced through modules (daemon) to a vault.

In this way, if one of the devices clears their targeted sync folder, everything remains in the vault.
The storage space on the device itself is cleared, as well as the space allocated in the Syncthing directory, and the vault remains unaffected with all files still present.

But i’m running into problems with Rsync SSH, especially private key’s etc…
(i’m nearly giving up… been trying understanding certificates and key’s for years now…)

Is Rsync over SSH needed in my case? (Syncthing DIR and Vault DIR = same system)

Thank you

Hi all!

Been trying to get the Rsync SSH running, but it just won’t work…

Does anyone have some advice for my use case please?

Do i need Rsync to backup one way locally?

Thank you

Help anyone?

Also, posted a mistake here:

This should be dataset off course.