Bug in TrueNAS SCALE on the Reporting Graphs for Disks?


to solve another issue I swapped two drives on my TrueNAS SCALE system right now, meaning that my drives ‘sdb’ and ‘sdf’ were physically exchanged with each other.
When booting up the system again I recognized that the system newly assigned the drive names, so it resulted in:
‘sdf’ → ‘sdb’
‘sdb’ → ‘sde’
‘sde’ → ‘sdf’
That’s fine so far, however, if I go onto the “Reporting” tab and check the graphs of the drives, I have now the graph for ‘sdf’ which has a history of the old ‘sdb’ drive and all new data shown on the same graph is from the old ‘sde’ (new ‘sdf’) drive. So all historical information you could get from the graphs is gone.

Shouldn’t the content of the graphs be tight to the disk serial numbers instead? It is absolutely okay for me if drive names change, but that I cannot trust the historical representation of graphs under Reporting shocked me a bit.

Is this a bug or a “feature”?

Thanks a lot in advance,



It was discussed here, (

Scale changes the disk position after a reboot

) but not a really satisfying answer was available. Seems it is what its. See here as well.

SCALE Enclosure Incorrect after upgrade from Core