Cloning pools?

massive expansion of my truenas server. i want to copy pool1 to pool2 and then fully retire pool one. what type of command would i do in Scale?

Just use the WebUI and replicate the topmost datasets.

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There’s no way to do this directly. If (proposed) vdev2 has the same number of disks and configuration as vdev1, the easiest thing to do would be to replace the disks of vdev1 one at a time, resulting in the new, presumably larger, vdev. If not, setting up the new disks in a new pool, and then using ZFS replication from one to the other, would likely be best. But what exactly, in detail, are you trying to accomplish?

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zfs replication of pools is what im looking to do. complete noob here.
go from 1 vdev of RZ1 to two vdevs of raid z2.

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Replicate top level datasets to new pool (don’t set read only)

Then move system dataset to boot pool (settings advanced, storage)

Then export pools and rename the new pool back to old pool

Then set system dataset back to new (now named old) pool