Create HD partitions

I have a 6TB HD and I would like to partition it into 6 parts of 1TB to do RAIDz with other 1TB HDs that I have. How do I make this partition?

As you’ve already been told, you shouldn’t do this at all–to call it bad pool design would be an understatement. But with that said, my guide on manual disk replacement covers partitioning as well:


Are you trolling?

This is an appallingly bad idea


See also:

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“Partitioning” for this purpose is useless and not reliable. If that 6TB drive dies or has issue, now you take out your entire array and likely will lose data.

instead what you need to be using is datasets to separate out your drive usage. If it is redundancy you want, as noted, get 2 x 6TB drives and mirror them.

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