Forum page load times 20s+ on a 100Mb link

I am on 100Mb internet link. Yet clicking the new post button takes 21seconds to load!!!

Chat plugin seems to be one of the issues and two chunk.js files seem to be the major culprits each taking 12s to load. I have no idea why they are so slow to download - 1 is 4.4MB in size which is a bit big, but it seems from this end that it might be a server capacity issue.

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You can disable the chat in your profile’s settings.

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That’s interesting. I haven’t noticed anything. And my connection is 75mbps.

I find the forum sometimes excruciatingly slow to load…

@Davvo Thanks for the hint - whilst I might like to use chat, I would prefer to not have time to make coffee whilst waiting for a page to load. I can still remember those days back in c. 2000 when you 56kb modem was the best you could do - just how many days would this forum take to load with chat if I still had a 56kb modem rather than 100Mb?

Anyway, I made this change and it definitely helped. Page loads are now c. 10s instead which is faster but still bonkers slow.

Browsing on other sites (including the old Community pages here) is very fast - it is just these forums that are sloooooooooooooooooow.

Might also be useful to mute tags/categories you are not interested in since posts belonging to them will not appear in your “new topics” tab.

Hmm, on my side all that stuff just gets cached once and things are fine the rest of the way. Some things are notably faster than on XenForo (apples vs. oranges, XenForo had a lot more history to chew through), so I really have no performance complaints.

Maybe some pages take a little too long to render for my liking, but XenForo had some of that too.

Absolutely zero complaints about actual transfer speeds, across ISPs and in different locations.

Ah, fiddlesticks. Of course I start seeing this behavior after I say “everything’s fine on my end!” like a moron.

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I’m noticing some lag on my Mac now. iPhone works fine.

It’s oddly inconsistent…

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Glad to know that I am passing the “Slow Forum Virus (SFV)” around to others. Lol.

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With chat turned off, current load times 21-26secs no cache, 5-6secs with cache.

I am sure I use other sites based on Discourse without seeing this problem.

To be honest I’ve noticed issues like this on many platforms that e discourse. Nextcloud, caddy, and now TrueNAS forums.

Same here, is it discourse that slows everything down here?
I mean more than 5MB of javascript for every load/reload of page?
Chat is already disabled, but it makes no difference.

If site is loaded once everything is fine, but as soon as i open a new tab from forum, e.g. for some topic i want to read later, i can watch this loading over and over again.
2024-04-14 19_38_04-Forum page load times 20s+ on a 100Mb link - General Discussion - TrueNAS Commun

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