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I agree that this is a good idea, but it only addresses the “front end,” as it were, of the brokenness–the part about gauging the users’ interest in whatever it is that’s being suggested. The “back end,” the part where you actually do something about it, also needs to be addressed. I linked to two suggestions up-topic, one almost seven years old. Both were “accepted” three years ago. As far as we can see, nothing has happened with either of them–certainly they haven’t shown up in any release of TrueNAS.

And while I won’t complain in the least if you never implement the firewall suggestion (and won’t even mind that much if you never implement the web-based file manager; mc works pretty well for me, though it’s a pretty glaring deficiency compared to pretty much every other NAS out there), it really leaves me wondering what the point of the whole thing is.


Agreed. Right now the system is flawed in that Jira tickets tend to get overlooked as time goes on. In the past 9 months we’ve changed some things internally here which has led to proper 6 & 12 month plans, so tickets created for TrueNAS in those buckets are agreed and acted upon. You can see some of that in Jira now if you look at the Epics for 24.10, and eventually 25.05. We’ll need to setup the suggestion system so when something is finally agreed to move on, it immediately flows into the scheduled work for an upcoming release.

For those who don’t know, we standardized in past year on 6 month cadence for new feature releases. 24.04, 24.10, 25.05, 25.10, etc. This is already proving to be a much better development cycle for us to address issues and add functionality in a more timely manner.

Yea, the firewall rules we backed away from. We’ve looked a few times, but just never could find a sane way to implement it without horrendously complicating the product and creating a zillion new scenarios for foot-shooting. I will close that ticket.

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What about something like this?

Would users find value in it? Is it something worth making a feature request for? (It’s not really a “firewall”, but rather an overview page of TrueNAS’s outbound internet connections. A “one-stop-shop” to toggle certain internet-outgoing features.)


Close to something we are already thinking about. We are discussing the idea of having a network page that lists all your open ports / interfaces, and which services are listening on those ports & interfaces. So at a glance you get full visibility into your network exposure and can click any of the items to go make adjustments. I.E. if a service you notice is listening on all interfaces, clicking through to that services config takes you to the page where you can restrict it to specific interfaces.

The “outbound” idea is something to consider though, not quite sure how that would work apart from just a page listing all the outbound established connections and known services that make outbound requests on a known cadence.


That’s exactly the point. :slightly_smiling_face: Rather than rummaging around the many different pages, it’s a “one-stop-shop” overview.

For example, a user visits this page and realizes “Oh, I have usage collection enabled? I forgot about that!” Then they can disable it, or visit its configuration page, or shrug their shoulders and ignore it.


In the international section, I had to create a first post in French and use the corresponding tag for it to become visible in the “all tags” section. Maybe should you create such a welcome post in each language, with each tag, to kickstart them and let users find them easily ?

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Btw it would be a good idea to change the link on the truenas homepage. The current link for the community Forum still leads to the old one…


Good idea, we will get that switched today. It takes a few hours to get things to update but should be there by the end of the day EST timezone :slight_smile:

I like this idea, especially since the NAS device probably ought not be or contain a firewall itself, as it should not in practice (afaik) be directly on the 'net.

And this also sounds real good.

I would err on the side of too much information, however, whatever quantity is best provided in an organized fashion, subsets/subgroups used as needed to keep better focus as well (if its a massive amount).


I guess so :smiling_face_with_tear:

Anyway, was wondering if we could have the :scream: as a reaction.


Your wish is granted :scream:


Thank you Kris, but… the heck??


Woah you broke it! :slight_smile: Hadn’t seen that limit before. We’ll have to review those likes per trust level, but you are bumped up in the meantime.


Careful with these limits… Newbies have to be kept in check :innocent:


If possible, a flowchart feature/plugin for Discourse?

Even though this can be done with outside apps, and downloaded to attach as images, being able to create a simple flowchart directly inside a post can really help out for visual learners. Especially considering the questions and solutions involving ZFS, networing, storage, NAS, snapshots, backups, etc.

EDIT: This guy gets it. :sunglasses:

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graph TD;
  A --> B;

Like this?

Docs and Info Here:


That can definitely work. Reading up on it now.

flowchart LR;

A[Winnie] -->B2{Reading} --> C[Understands]
A[Winnie] -->B1{No Reading} -->D[Doesn't Understand]

The editing is a bit weird at times, since it seems to move your text cursor around when you want to backspace or delete.

I think it’s possible to get a hang of. :sunglasses:


@kris: It’s better than nothing, but there are some usability issues.

Namely, the “auto-sizing” needlessly creates vertical scrollbars, when it’s clear that the entire chart can fit without “cropping” it from the top/bottom. (I’m trying to find out why it does that.)

See this post for an illustration.

There’s also this annoying quirk where it “intelligently” tries to move your text cursor around as you’re typing. Unlike other “dumb” text fields, it feels like the mermaid plugin wants to help you out… a bit too much.

EDIT: Another issue is when someone tries to “quote” your post that contains a chart. :sweat_smile:

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I wonder if the ‘vertical scrollbar’ issue could be modified by CSS. If the containing box is not large enough to fit its content, you can choose to have automatic scrollbars or, I’ve now discovered, a lot more, including scroll snap:

That is to say then, that this particular aspect of how the plugin works could be cured or implies that the CSS the devs chose is not the best.

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@tigersharke: If you look at my post again (with the flowcharts), you’ll see they appear fine now.

I had to use a “trick” to get around this issue.

To borrow from elsewhere:

I realized it kept reverting my “height” parameter the moment I entered a new one. The only way to “trick it” is to hit “Reply” REALLY FAST before it can undo the change. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

So for instance, it INSISTS on making the height “349,auto”. If I write “500,auto”, it will revert it to “349,auto” in the blink of an eye, and hence, the cropping/scrollbar issue reemerges.

Is that a “smart” feature that can be toggled or disabled in the plugin?

EDIT: I figured it out. It’s the realtime “preview” window on the right side. If you disable it, it’s much easier to write in mermaid syntax. There is no sudden jerking of the text cursor or reverting your text.

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