GPU Passthrough Error 43

I have been trying to get this GPU to work on a windows VM but I am getting an Error 43 on the VM. The GPU is isolated through the WebGUI. I am able to see the device in device manager within windows. It just wont start properly. If I use DDU and uninstall the driver, restart, then install new drivers the device will work until the next restart.

I have been reading a lot around online and I think I had read so much that I have overloaded myself on information but my understanding is that to get this to work I have to hide the fact to the Nvidia driver that its being used within a VM. My understanding from this was to do this via KVM. I wanted to use truenas for this as I am only going to be using 1-3 VMs and mainly this server is just a project NAS. I am waiting to get better hard drives and hardware but I do not have a timeframe so I am trying to make use of what I have.

i7-4771 (with VT-d Enabled in bios)
32GB Hyper X Ram
GTX 1660 6GB
Asus Maximus VI Formula (Vt-d &VT Enabled, Onboard Video Enabled)
2x 250gb SSD in Raid1
1x 480gb SSD for VM Storage
1x 120gb SSD for Boot Pool

Edit: I have also tried shutting down the VM, removing the GPU from the devices, unisolating the GPU from the system. Restarting the server, re-isolating the gpu in the system, then readding the GPU to the VM and the vm would not start until I restarted the server again which inturn gave me another 43 error. After all of that I also ran DDU, reinstalled the gpu driver, and again same thing.

What version of Truenas are you using ? There was another person on this forum reporting the same problem with Dragonfish.

Try going back to Cobia, where this problem seems to not exist

If possible file a bug report.

Im using Anglefish

Try updating to Cobia

Did this suddenly appear or what did you change ?

So updating to Cobia did fix the issue. And no, this was from a fresh installation of Anglefish. Thank you for the reply. I have been googling around the last 2 days all day for fixes or a workaround and it feels good that its finally working!

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Do not update to Dragonfish :))