Hard drives in storage

why is truenas scale only showing 2 out of 4 500gb drives in my storage pool?

Can you give us some info on your hardware? Most importantly, how do you connect your drives ?

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Is this one of those “I say, I say, I say. Why is …” jokes to which we answer “I don’t know. Why is …”?

Because if it is a genuine question, then some additional details of what e.g. ZFS says about your disks and pools would be pretty darned useful to help people answer it.


im using 4 500gb crucial sata hhds. all of them showed up in install but when i created the pool i only see 2 drives.

With all this information, I’m formulating a series of personalized troubleshooting steps, as well as possible solutions. :+1:

Expect a thorough response in short order.


At this point, even a photograph of the server would convey more information…

Did you install to two of the four SSDs? Because those would be reserved for the OS.

only 1 ssd is used for the os. i have a similar setup in another truenas server and im using 4 1tb ssd for the storage pool and they all showed up fine. i dont know if this is true or not but i was thinking truenas held storage back for a backup or a hdd rebuild?

also i am using a 51/4 4 internal internal drive bay that is directly plugged in to the motherboard

Ok, that’s progress. What’s the output of sudo lsblk?

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Is it bigger than a breadbox?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Are the 4 ssds connected with 4 cables to 4 sata ports on the motherboard ?

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zpool status would be nice as well.

Suggested readings are Multiply your problems with SATA Port Multipliers and cheap SATA controllers | TrueNAS Community and What's all the noise about HBAs, and why can't I use a RAID controller? | TrueNAS Community, as well as Introduction to ZFS | TrueNAS Community.

item model number on amazon of the encloser MB324SP-B this encloser is directly plugged in to the mb with sata and direct powered to the psu

just so everyone knows i know a lot about computers and nothing about truenas i have a fully working nas that i built and runs great

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We cannot help you, if we have to play the game of 100 questions, to get all the info from you - post by post.

Please list all your hardware and the output from the above mentioned zpool command.

The enclosure you use should be fine, so the problem is probably somewhere else.


If as Eric implied you started with 4 drives, installed Truenas and created a mirror during install for the boot drive, then you only have 2 drives available for a data pool.
Any drives used for boot drives are not available for use as data drives even if there is plenty of additional space on them.

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SSH into the server, run the lsblk and zpool status commands and paste the output to the thread enclosed in triple back-ticks pls

just so everyone knows i know a lot about computers and nothing about truenas i have a fully working nas that i built and runs great

I don’t think anyone is questioning your knowledge; the slight teasing you’re getting is because WE collectively have a serious lack of knowledge in regards to your situation other than:

  1. You had two drives (500gb crucial sata hhds) that aren’t showing - models unspecified

  2. Your enclosure is a MB324SP-B

  3. You have another unrelated NAS you built; it is working fine.

What version of Truenas is running, what motherboard, cpu, ram, if the drives are through an HBA or directly to motherboard, output of diagnostic commands that was repeatedly requested, etc. are unknown. For all I could guess a SATA data/power connection got loose after this was initially setup. Without knowing any other details that’ll likely continue to be my best guess.


And nothing wrong with that ICY Dock 4-in-1… has four sata ports on the back…

Given no other info, I’d suggest double checking all the connections… and perhaps swapping the SATA cabling and seeing if the issue moves with the cables etc.

i will try a few things ang get back to you