How do I make a copy of the app

Can I make a copy of the app?
Often I want to make a copy of the app try something with it and then either delete it or stop the original instance.
Is it possible?

You are going to need to be more specific with your request. If you read some of my posts you will note that I recently cracked my crystal ball :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! And reword your request so we are able to answer your question. But is it possible? I’m not even sure what you are asking but virtually everything is possible except me living past 200 years of age, in good health. Would I want to is the question.


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I don’t know how can one be more specific than I have been!

I have an App in Truenas scale - I want to make an exact copy of the app with all it settings but a different name.

What you want to do is “Clone” the VM. I understand now.

I assume the OP is referring to a TrueNAS app. Ie added via the GUI?

Yeha, but not the VM. The App.

Do you want to clone the data too?

No - I normally keep everything worth keeping on host mounts.