How to export and mount as root, like a normal NFS share

I have been searching for a couple days and trying to figure out how to export a share so that I can mount it on my Linux client like a regular NFS share that allows me to chown, not squashing root etc.
Is this doable with TrueNAS at all?

I need to be able to rsync to it, and then permissions and ownership to match the source and destination etc.

Am I missing some really basic info here?

Does SCALE give you the option to set the maproot parameter for an NFS share? I’m not at my desk at the moment, so I cannot check. CORE sure does.

If the answer is yes, then maproot=root in the export/share configuration should be all you need.

You could quickly check if we had something like this.


welp, that worked.

I could have sworn I had tried that already. Now I feel like a fool