How to install VirtualBox inside of TrueNAS?

I’d like to setup an ArchiveTeam Warrior install on my TrueNAS. I found an old post about using a Virtual Box plugin but I don’t see that plug-in. I’m struggling to find other guides because most of the search results are for installing TrueNAS inside of VirtualBox (the opposite of what I’m trying to do.

The Virtualbox jail type has been gone for over a decade, but TrueNAS (both CORE and SCALE) has its own VM hosting capability built into the GUI. Create a VM through the GUI (following the docs if you don’t know how), and install your desired OS in it.

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Is there a way to upload or attach a VMDK file? That would be ideal since it is already pre-built and configured. I found an old reddit post but I’m not sure if that would still work:

Not directly, no. If the instructions on that reddit thread ever worked with SCALE, I’d expect them to continue to work, but there isn’t a directly-supported way to do this.

You can convert a VMDK to a ZVol on Scale using qemu-img

qemu-img convert mydisk.vmdk -O raw /dev/zvol/path/to/zvol

If you need to use Core, I guess there’s probably a way.

OK thanks, I’ll look into migrating to Scale.

Not necessary. You can convert on any system with qemu-img to a raw file, copy that to CORE, then dd to the Zvol.

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This is the way. We added an API call to upcoming SCALE release to handle import/export of VM disk images to/from a zvol. Not yet in the UI though, but will be coming.

But if you plan on VM usage beyond just minor tinkering, a migration to SCALE is your best bet for long term support.

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