How to translate TrueNAS Core 12/13 Cron job scripts to Scale?

I have 3 scripts that were previously provided by the awesome community under the TrueNAS FreeBSD versions and I have upgraded to Scale and found that none of the scripts work as Cron Jobs.

Is there any guide on modifying these scripts for use with Scale?

The scripts specifically are the zpool status, smart report (SAS) and the configuration backup.

Where are you backing up the configuration to? TrueNAS automatically backs up its configuration (sans the secret) to the system dataset nightly. You can probably just omit that script.

We generate alerts in SCALE if pools are unhealthy or encounter problems so you might be able to get by with just configuring and relying on alerts for zpool status (and the same for SMART monitoring).

Otherwise, you’ll have to post the exact issues that you encountered and scripts you’re using.

I actually came across this : TrueNAS-Report and this is doing what I need.

But to answer your question, I like getting the backup via Email so I have it automatically somewhere else should something fail.

I think Multi-Report includes config backup and is very up to date

It does, and is sent out on a weekly basis.

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Thanks for the reply, this looks very similar to what I ended up with.

@MrTVirus Glad you like the script and were able to get it running on SCALE. :smiling_face: