Jellyfin Truenas core doesn't connect to ip:8096


I’m trying since 3 hours how can I connect to jellyfin after the installation in true nas core.
I have already installed jellyfin and when I go to the page doesn’t work and get me: connection don’t work

see pictures attached.

Could you help to me? I don’t have idea…

Maybe I know that with other port it could work, but I don’t know how can I change the port in jellyfin on truenas core

Forget plug-ins and install Jellyfin in a manual jails plug-ins are dead.

Create your jail, then follow this thread to install Jellyfin.

Jellyfin plugin inaccessible

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Looks like Jellyfin 10.9.4 isn’t working on a FreeBSD 13.2 jail (…with a FreeBSD 13.1 host)? :frowning_face:

Mine isn’t even listening on any ports.

I downgraded to 10.8.13, and it’s working again.

@nello, if you have the old version in your “pkg cache”, you can install it from there, and then “lock” the package jellyfin to prevent it from updating.

Once TrueNAS Core releases 13.3 (which will be based on FreeBSD 13.3), we can then upgrade our jails to FreeBSD 13.3 and use the latest Jellyfin version.

If you don’t have a copy in your pkg cache, you can fetch the binary package from this URL:

To fetch it while inside your jail:


If the quarterly repo gets updated, and thus this older version of Jellyfin is unavailable, you can still grab a copy from by supplying the same URL above and downloading the file from their snapshot.

Confirmed working on 13.3-BETA2

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