Kernel Panic when importing pool

Would anyone have any idea how to resolve this:

I’m willing to try anything, as long as I can recover my data, although it’s not irreplaceable, it’s data from a few months of use from various containers I use.

I would have to redo and configure all the containers from scratch, it would take time that I wouldn’t want to waste.

Any idea is a great help.


I’d suggest using the “Report a Bug” link at the top right of this page to submit a bug report with a debug file. A private file upload link will be provided in a comment after you submit the report to Jira.

Since you are using desktop hardware with likely non-ECC RAM, please run good long memory test. While spacemap corruptions like this may mean some bugs in a code (in this case it may be related to device removal feature of ZFS, that is not so widely used), quite often they are caused by memory corruptions. What’s about data recovery, you should be able to import pool read-only from command line, since read-only imports do not even read space maps, among many other things.